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Organizational structure

·Globe standard

As an international company, we understand different policy of the different country and accept varies culture, meanwhile we respect every society habit and local tradition; we will carry our business with flexible ways and method, to make both our business partner and ourselves to achieve successful.

·Grew up with Entity Economy Corporation

The strength and durability of the company is attached to the relationship between customers, agents, suppliers, investors and other business partners. DEROLIFT care for the meaningful conversations with governmental organization and NGO (non-governmental organizations) business partners. We learn and create from it; we will strength our cooperation with durable and sincerity. 

· Good cooperation with Agents and Dealers

The good cooperation with agents and dealers is a very important link between DEROLIFT and customers all over the world. We treasure their reputation and services to local customers. Through conversation and dependence we have going with a very good relationship. DEROLIFT will be together with our agents and dealers to satisfy our customer’s requirements and services, of cause including best support program. 

 ·Customer and Dealers are out best business partner

DEROLIFT like to cooperate with corporations who have good quality products and services, avid to work with some illegal organizations who ignore the common commercial principles and values. We would like to build an open, equal, reasonable business platform.