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How to choose the shear fork type aerial working platform


Now with the development of social science and technology, shear fork type aerial working platform has spread to every corner of social life, more and more widely used, whether it is architecture, civil engineering, and people's daily life all cannot do without shear fork type aerial work platform, many businesses to grasp the business opportunities have to invest and build factories, scissor aerial Platform Co such as bamboo shoots after the rain like homework with buildings in major industrial city market, shear fork type aerial work platform is unusually hot, in short supply, it can be seen from the side, now the rapid development of society, promote the development of the whole industry and the needs of people, but as buyers how in the forest of company product selection scissor aerial work platform is good it becomes an important topic of.
A: buy scissor aerial work platform, not blindly purchase, should make full market investigation, and field investigation, determine the company's scale and the degree of credibility. It is important and necessary, and now the market a lot of small scale enterprises to seek the violence and cut corners, thereby elevating quality of products greatly reduced, although they will sell very cheap, but not too long time for this machine, and the risk coefficient. Therefore, as a purchaser cannot covet is a small price cheap and lead to greater regret.
Two: you the investigation data, scissor aerial work platform choice price is relatively good, want to choose from its technical parameters and practical and universal, often lifting machinery has many kinds, including (vehicle type, fixed type, hydraulic pressure, shear fork type etc.) technical parameters and uses of each which is a bit different, but also has many functions have similar place, therefore, as a customer you want to buy purposefully, in which you buy lifting machinery type to do what, and what kind of lifting machinery can meet your need and use multiple.

Three: finally, the arrival of equipment, the acceptance check random technical data are complete, accessories, tools, accessories are consistent with inventory, equipment and accessories for damage, defects, and make the acceptance record.