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The working principle of the lift aerial work platform


The hydraulic oil is formed by certain pressure vane pump, the oil filter, flameproof electromagnetic reversing valve, throttle valve, a hydraulic control one-way valve, balance valve into the lower end of the piston hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder moves upward, lifting weights, liquid cylinder top oil return by flameproof electromagnetic reversing valve back to tank, the rated pressure is adjusted by the relief valve by the pressure gauge, observe the pressure gauge reading value. The downward movement of the piston hydraulic cylinder (both falling). Hydraulic oil through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve into the upper end of the lower end of the liquid cylinder, hydraulic cylinder oil return the balance valve, a hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve back to tank. In order to make the weight drop is stable, safe and reliable braking, the oil return line is provided with balancing valve, balance circuit, maintain pressure, so that the dropping speed free weight changes, by regulating the flow of control of the throttle valve, lifting speed. In order to make the brake safety, prevent accidents, increase the liquid control one-way valve, namely the hydraulic lock, ensure safe self-locking in hydraulic pipeline accident burst. The installation of the overload voice alarm, used to make a distinction between overloading or equipment failure. Electronic control system can rotate by the explosion-proof button to control the motor, the flameproof solenoid valve to maintain the load commutation, rising or falling, and through the "LOGO" application to adjust the time delay, to avoid the frequent starting motor caused by the lift is not flexible, the card machine phenomenon, prolong the service life