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How to prevent falling accident


Operation aerial work platform, it is very necessary to prevent falling accident becomes:

(1) controlling factors, reduce the unsafe behavior of the people often engage in high altitude operation personnel health examination, once found to have unsafe behavior, psychological guidance in time, eliminate the psychological pressure, or removed from the post: the prohibition of suffering from hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy disease prevent diseases or physiological defects of high altitude operation personnel engaged in height operation; should regularly engaged in high altitude operation personnel physical examination, found to hinder high operating disease or physical defect personnel, should be removed from the post.

In addition to should be strengthened to high operating personnel safety attitude and safety education of legal education, to improve their safety awareness and self protection ability, reduce the operation risk.

Using behavioral science theory is used to correct the violation, on compliance behavior was strengthened, so as to improve their compliance Shouji consciousness.

The organization operating in the height for rules, standards for learning.

(2) factors, control material to reduce the unsafe state of object.

Good materials, a scaffolding in construction must be sturdy, reliable, meet the requirements of the relevant provisions.

According to different construction condition with safety nets, safety nets must be tested.

Insist on "five near four" protective measures.

Operation height suspended operations or dangerous should be hanging safety belt.

Card security Sambo must complete.

(3) factors controlling method of operation, prevent illegal behavior.

In order to prevent falling accident, should first try to avoid the use of high altitude operation mode, secondly to not belong to high altitude operation of engineering, should also pay attention to take corresponding measures.

Strengthen the scaffolding program audit, approval of work and scaffolding erection after the inspection and acceptance of work.

In high altitude operation personnel are prohibited from wearing high-heeled shoes, shoes with hard soles, slippers slippery shoes appointment or working after drinking.

In high altitude operation personnel should pay attention to body weight, pay attention to force method, to prevent the center of gravity of the body beyond the bearing surface of accident.

(4) control of organization and management factors, to avoid illegal command.

High altitude operation, strict inspection system of education, adhere to the "four good" that Qin education, ground inspection, ground deep operation site guidance, often arouse the masses to make rational proposals; check the side hidden dangers of accidents, to achieve the "three no harm" that I don't hurt yourself, I do not hurt others, I was not harm objective.

Control of obstructing high altitude operation of disease or physical defect personnel working at height. It shall timely according to seasonal changes, adjust the schedule, to prevent the high operating personnel excessive physical fatigue.

Strengthen safety responsibility system for the implementation of the work of production safety, performance and year-end distribution evaluation results together, increase their awareness of the importance of safety in production.

According to the relevant provisions of the "production safety law of the people's Republic of China" and "construction law" of the people's Republic of China, shall participate in the social work injury insurance and accident insurance for high operating personnel, reduce operating risk.

(5) control of environmental factors, improving the working environment.

Prohibited in the heavy rain, snow and more than six winds Tiandeng bad weather in the open-air hanging operation. After the heavy snow, rain, more than six winds day, should be carefully checked and cleared for scaffold.

On the scaffold to pry, homework, push and pull, dial impact greater danger, should adopt reliable safety measures.

Construction at night, lighting the light is insufficient, shall not engage in work in the air.