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Aerial work platform check before installation steps


Service aerial work platform in various industries of high-altitude operations, equipment installation, maintenance and other mobility of high-altitude operations, according to the different requirements of operation and its related products and more and more species, the editor does not detail here, today will check the items the aerial work platform before installation as follows:

  Aerial work platformIn the installation before operation, the site should do the following examination of aerial work platform:

The complete set of the guide rail frame, cage and other metal structure and integrity;

Gear, governor the elevator drive system assembly accuracy and contact length;

The electrical equipment of main circuit and control circuit is conformity with the provisions of the national product standards;

The basic position and practice whether it meets the requirements of the product design;

The wall attaching frame is arranged at the concrete strength and the bolt hole meets the installation requirements;

Aerial work platform the safety device is complete, the installation location is correct and firm, the limit switch action is sensitive and reliable;

The lift installation work environment factors have no influence safe operation.