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Description Specification After-sale service

· Full casting cylinder, pretty figure, firmly and durability 

· Produced with Baosteel quality steel plate with the surface finished by static plastic spraying

· Hard chromium piston rod and importanted seal ring ·Internal relief valves provide overload protection, effectively avoid overloading, reduce maintenance costs use 

· Movable parts are equiped with alloy hub,capable of absorbing the partial load,with wear resistance,can prolong life and replace easily 

· Integrated casting wheel rack, equiped with dual-front-wheel, with strong bearing ability 

· Equipped with front and rear guide wheels to protect front wheel against impact so as to prolong service life

Within a year of spare parts to old change new, if you need on-site repair, please contact with our servicer, we will arrange remote service and technical support or seek local partner door-to-door service.

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